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I am thinking of using the Mediation as a process

Sometimes when there is a relationship breakdown the spouses want to try and reach a resolution in an amicable fashion but they need some assistance.  A mediator can help direct you to the important decisions that need to be made and can facilitate a confidential discussion between you and your former spouse.  


We offer a number of services to assist you in having this discussion and reaching a mutually beneficial result: 


Mediation: We offer unbiased mediation services with Michelle Kooy, an accredited Family Law Mediator.  


Counsel Attended Mediation: We offer to attend at mediation with you to assist you with legal advice during the mediation


Mediation Attendance Coaching:  We offer legal advice and coaching so that you can attend at your mediation with confidence. 


Advice on your mediated agreement: When you and your spouse attend mediation without lawyers, the process is not over.  The mediator will send you to each get legal advice on the terms of the agreement.  Watch out, in these situations you may think you have an agreement, but usually it is not an agreement until both parties get legal advice.   

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