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Collaborative Lawyers

Collaborative Lawyers Have Specific Training To Assist You In The Process.


We can help you communicate with your spouse about process options including the Collaborative Process.   We understand that this a process that people may not be familiar with.  We are happy to assist with providing information to you and your spouse to determine if the Collaborative Process is right for your matter. 

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Collaborative Lawyers are lawyers who have specific training to assist you in the process and are constantly updating their knowledge base to ensure you are receiving the very best support.  When considering the Collaborative Process make sure you talk to a lawyer who is trained as a Collaborative Professional to ensure you are getting the best possible information about the process. 


 Mental Health Practitioners, Child Specialists, and Financial Experts are an integral part of our group of Collaborative Professionals.  In the event that you or your family requires any assistance other than lawyers, you can have confidence in knowing that these individuals are also highly training to assist in making the process as comfortable and successful as possible.


You will always have an advocate on your side of the table.   The Collaborative Process does not mean that you are without your own lawyer.   The lawyers will work together instead of against each other to find a mutually beneficial resolution.   However, you will always have your own lawyer who is looking after your specific interests.   


You do not have to be amicable or agreeable to enter the process.  The Collaborative Process is not just for people who are able to have a civil conversation.  With the assistance of the team you too can reach the goal of a resolution without necessarily being able to agree on all issues.   All that is needed is a commitment to having respectful communication and an openness to try. 

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I am thinking of using the Collaborative Process 

Congratulations on considering a respectful process that puts your relationships at the forefront.  Some things to consider when thinking about using the Collaborative Process: 

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