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Considering Separating

Thinking about separating from your partner? 


The breakdown of a relationship can often be emotionally exhausting and the prospect of taking the first step overwhelming.  A little bit of information can often help alleviate concerns and fears about what to expect in making a change.  It’s important to speak to a lawyer as early in the process as possible to ensure that you are protecting your interests as there are often time sensitive issues.  Our lawyers will be open and up front with you on whether or not you need to engage counsel immediately or if you can go away and consider your options in an informed manner.  


However, generally speaking, there are some things to consider during the pre-separation period:        


  • Documents: It is often prudent to start compiling documents such as bank statements, income tax information, and other financial documents.  

  • Finances: Do you have access to funds to ensure you are able to meet your personal obligations and your joint obligations for a short period of time?   

  • Assets and Debts: Do you know what you and you partner own and what you and your partner owe?  Are you familiar with any urgent financial issues?      


Come in for a free consultation now to talk about other things to consider in a pre-separation process.  

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