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High Net Worth Divorce

Complicated finances create complex problems.


Corporate assets, trust assets, vacation properties, foreign properties, all of these raise a host of different problems for family lawyers.  Many assets have latent tax liabilities that affect their true value.  The optimal division might not be self-evident as there are win-win strategies for reducing tax liabilities.  Spouses who own corporations or trusts might have incomes that are vastly different from what they claim on their tax returns.  Companies might have significant value that does not show up on a balance sheet.  If you or your spouse have significant assets in either of your names, then it is critically important to hire a family lawyer who understands what to look for.

At Broadhurst & Kooy we are familiar with the special considerations that need to be kept in mind when dealing with a complex financial picture.  We are comfortable dealing with complex corporate and personal assets.  We have excellent working relationships with a variety of financial professionals that can assist in ensuring you receive the best possible financial advice in the context of your separation or divorce.  


If either you or your spouse owns significant assets, do not take the risk of hiring a family lawyer that does not know the full implications of how those assets are structured.  Come speak to us about how we can assist you in ensuring an optimal result to your property division and support.  

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