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Most separations do not end up in litigation.  However, there are many reasons why litigation may be your best or even your only course of action.  There are myriad of reasons spouses might not be able to work together effectively towards a mutual resolution.  Situations that involve risks to children, alienation of children, family violence, a parent wanting to relocate, a spouse not providing financial information or hiding assets are among the many reasons that can mean that the litigation process is best for you.

It is also important to remember the vast majority of family law court cases that get started still end up settling.  Sometimes spouses need a push in the right direction in order to reach a settlement, and litigation provides many interim options that can help you towards an ultimate out of court resolution.

Our lawyers have extensive litigation experience and are ready to stand up for your rights.  When a situation calls for litigation, it is important to have a lawyer who is confident and comfortable in the courtroom on your side.  We can and will provide you with the firm advocacy you deserve. ​​

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There Are Certain Situations Where Litigation Is The Only, Or Best, Course Of Action.

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