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Modern Legal Billing

We think that clarity about billing practices is important 

We offer progressive, honest and transparent legal billing practices that meet your specific needs. 

We use our TEAM approach to our billing practices:


Trust – It is our goal to foster the highest level of trust and respect between our clients and our firm.  

Ethical – We bill ethically.  Meaning, our firm will always consider your cost vs. benefit analysis and not make recommendations that are not within your financial capabilities.


Accurate - We triple check to ensure our bills are correct and encourage our clients to maintain open communication about our invoices. 

Modern – We offer modern billing such as legal coaching, unbundled services, flat rate bundles and limited scope retainers. 


We accept all major credit cards, cash, cheque, and e-transfers. 

How does law office billing work?

Law offices bill for time worked on your file.  We bill in 6-minute increments and wherever possible we use timers to ensure accuracy of our time.


We also bill for disbursements.  A disbursement is an out of pocket cost for our law firm. These will include things like filing fees, courier fees, etc.

Our billable rates are based on our skills and experience. 

Each month if there has been work done on your file or disbursements incurred or billed we will send you an invoice.  If there has not been any work on your file we will not send an invoice. 


Retainers are held in our trust account to be applied to future invoices.  Retainers are not estimates.  If your matter concludes and there are unused retainer funds we will return these to you.  If you require more legal services we will request that you provide additional retainer funds.

Client Intake Process


Conflict of Interest Check


Our first step to is to do a conflict of interest check to ensure that we act in accordance with the BC Law Society rules.  Practically we will need your full legal name and your spouses full legal name to ensure that we do not have any conflict of interest related to your case and the person you are dealing with in your dispute situation. We complete this conflict-of-interest check by phone or online through our contact form.




Once the conflict check has been cleared, we will ask you to fill out our Initial Consultation Form and canvas times for a free initial consultation.  We know that the Initial Consultation Form is lengthy.  However, from our experience, the more time you put into the Initial Consultation Form the more value that you will get out of our free Initial Consultation.  When the office receives the completed Initial Consultation Form we will confirm your meeting time. 


Free Initial Consultation


Our consultations take a casual conversation format.  Your lawyer will first review your Initial Consultation Form with you to ensure they have an understanding of your unique relationship issues.  You will have a chance to ask questions.  Your lawyer will also provide you with information about both the law and process to assist you in moving forward.  Please note that during the initial consultation you will receive information but you will not receive legal advice. 


Next Steps / Retainer Agreement


Your lawyer will give you resources to help you move forward.  If you and your lawyer are the right fit we may discuss a retainer with our firm.   After your appointment if you have discussed a retainer we will send you a retainer agreement for you to review.  Once we have a signed retainer agreement and retainer funds we will confirm that we are opening your file.

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