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Joe Broadhurst


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I obtained my Bachelor of Arts degree, with a Joint Specialist in Political Science and Philosophy, from the University of Toronto in 2005.  I attended the University of British Columbia for my Law degree, which I completed in 2008. 

After  a year of articling, I was called to the British Columbia Bar on May 4, 2009 and I have been focused on practising Family Law since that time.  I have successfully represented clients in BC Provincial Court, BC Supreme Court, and the BC Court of Appeal, on a wide variety of family law matters.

Throughout my professional career I have focused exclusively on family law.  I understand the value of being able to negotiate fair settlements.  My view is that there is no single best process, and that achieving the best result for an individual client requires close attention to their goals, their needs, and their comfort level with the process we employ.  For many people, the best outcome can be achieved through a variety of amicable and alternative dispute resolution options.  Over my thirteen years of practice,  I have been able to reach successful settlements with negotiation and mediation.  

Despite the importance of negotiation, I am of the view that it is also important to have an advocate who is not afraid to stand up for your rights in court if the need arises.  Some situations require a firmer approach, and I am dedicated to letting you know if I think that is what is needed in your situation, and vigorously advocating on your behalf.   

I firmly believe that the best thing you can do for yourself in a matrimonial dispute is find yourself committed legal counsel who are versed in all aspects of matrimonial law, and who you know you can trust to look after your interests.  I would be happy to discuss with you how I can tailor the solution that is right for your family law situation.

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