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  • Michelle Kooy

I am thinking of separating from my partner when is the right time to contact a lawyer?

At Broadhurst and Kooy we think that the best time to talk to a lawyer is as soon as possible. This is because a good quality lawyer will:

i. Keep it all confidential. Lawyers have a duty of confidentiality. No one will know you spoke with a lawyer unless you yourself divulge the information or instruct the lawyer to do so.

ii. Give you information and resources to help you at all stages in your matter including legal information and process options. Lawyers can also help you steer clear of information that may be available on the internet but not necessarily accurate or useful.

iii. Only offer you their services if you actually need it. We often talk with people and suggest things like: they come back at a latter date if they need further assistance, they consider independent legal advice (also know as legal coaching), etc.

iv. Suggest other professionals (including other lawyers) that may be a better fit to help you resolve your issues. There are many counselors, child specialists, financial planners etc. out there that are often less expensive and skilled to assist in some family matters. Where possible we will provide referrals to these individuals.

v. Help you make a plan for moving forward if you do need their assistance immediately. For most people this is a new experience and having someone who has the knowledge and understanding talk you through a step by step plan helps you gain control over your matter.

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