We take our community responsibility seriously.  In light of recent events surrounding the COVID-19 we are committed to ensuring the safety of our staff, clients and family members and doing everything we can to ‘flatten the curve’. 

We are fortunate that our office has the capacity to work remotely in a seamless manner.  Therefore, while we may not be present at our bricks and mortar location we are still available to assist you. 

We encourage clients to meet with us by phone or an online platform so that you can get the assistance you need without compromising anyone’s safety. 

We will not be scheduling any further in person meetings unless it is absolutely critical to do so.  If there is an emergency requiring attendance at our office below are the precautions we will take:

  1. Sanitize the tables;

  2. Not offer you any beverages;

  3. Sit in the boardroom with ample space between us;

  4. Have you bring your own pen and take it with you; and

  5. Not exchange documents during the meeting, instead we will rely on electronic versions. 


We confirm that we are still in full operation and are here to support you.

Finally, the BC Courts are only hearing certain types of applications.  This will limit our ability to find litigation solutions in the near term.  However, there remain a wide variety of other options that are still available to find solutions to your family law problem without resort to the courts.

Court Closures

Update on the British Columbia Courts’ response to COVID-19


BC Court of Appeal is resuming most operations but conducting all hearings by videoconference effective May 4.  Details here.

BC Supreme Court is currently hearing emergency applications by telephone, as well as certain limited non-emergency hearings by telephone.  Details here.

BC Provincial Courts are currently hearing emergency applications by telephone.  Details here.


These are unprecedented actions from the BC Courts and we expect that most court appearances in the relevant period will have to be adjourned to later dates.  If you have an affected trial or hearing date, we understand the frustration that a resolution of your matter will have to be delayed.  We will be contacting everyone affected directly to address whether their matter can still proceed in the courts. 


We also would like to remind you that we are still here to support you.  Non-urgent matters can be dealt with between counsel, with the assistance of an online mediator, or an online arbitrator.   

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