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We encourage clients to meet with us by phone or an online platform so that you can get the assistance you need. 

We will not be scheduling in person meetings unless it is necessary to do so.  If we do schedule an attendance at our office below are the precautions we will take:

  1. We will sanitize the tables.

  2. We will not offer you any beverages.

  3. We will sit in the boardroom with ample space between us.

  4. Your lawyer will wear a mask while meeting you and we ask you do the same.

  5. There will be hand sanitizer available at the front door and we ask that you use it. 

  6. We ask that you bring your own pen and take it with you..

  7. We will not exchange physical documents or other objects during the meeting unless absolutely necessary.  


We confirm that we are still in full operation and are here to support you.

Limited Court Functionality

Update on the British Columbia Courts’ response to COVID-19


BC Court of Appeal has resumed most operations but conducting all hearings by videoconference and with modified timelines.  Details here.

BC Supreme Court is currently chambers applications by telephone or MS Teams, as well as trials in person.  Details here.

BC Provincial Courts are currently largely operational, though many hearings are happening by telephone or video-conference.  Details here.


While the Courts have been restored to functionality, they have not returned to the same level of role and accessibility prior to COVID-19.

While we are still here to support you with litigation solutions, non-litigation solutions have adapted more fully to the COVID-19 situation.  Consider whether collaborative, mediation, or even arbitration would be a better fit for your situation.   

Limited Court
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