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我们致力于帮助您解决家庭法问题, 请与我们联系. 您的初步咨询是免费的. 有时一些信息可以帮助你





我们不只是涉足这个领域.我们经验丰富的律师专门从事家庭法律. 这是一个不断发展的法律领域,我们致力于始终是最明智的选择


家庭法过程并非一刀切的解决方案. 我们希望为您提供最好的流程, 我们为您的家庭法问题提供广泛的选择,以确保您对结果感到满意,不仅仅我们希望您对这个过程感到满意




对我们而言,了解您的选择以及了解我们为给你建议对我们很重要, 我们希望确保我们向您提供明确的建议, 并确保您的案例能够取得最佳结果.

What our Clients say:

I've worked with Michelle and Joe over the past decade. They are very knowledgeable and professional in all aspects of family law and their calm demeanour is much-appreciated during the often tumultuous divorce and custody process. Both are extremely practical and down-to-earth, and not looking to create more work than necessary. They are also extremely resourceful and when something is outside of their expertise, go the extra mile to research into it, and if necessary, bring in or refer you to someone else. I was excited when they started up their own firm and like the boutique atmosphere provided by them, while still having the breadth and depth to service you as needed.

I would gladly send anyone to Broadhurst & Kooy for any and all of their family legal needs, and if I ever decide to get married again, would certainly be consulting them upfront.